Institutions & Schools

Combining my teachers degree, love for teaching and my love art I also venture on collaborations with schools and child institutions creating and making visual experiences with and for the children.

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A global friendship collaboration between Catalonian and Danish students at Nyborg Friskole (school) in Denmark, EU. 50 students, 6 teachers and one artist creating 8 murals in 8 hours.

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Educational courses

I offer art courses with focus on visual experiences and art in public places. The pupils are invited into the ‘mindset’ of an artist when working with art in public places with focus on esthetics, purpose, style, architecture and environment. The students also have ‘hands on’ experience creating art in public places.

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Visual Experience - collaboration

Focusing on creating a visual experience at the school or child institution. In collaboration with the school or child institution I create an idea and design for the visual experience. Hereafter the children/students are taken into the mindset, the work processes and the esthetics of the artist when creating art in public places. The students, based upon the given design are given the task of creating the visual experience the freedom to differ from the original design to fit the experience into the given environment.